Content Marketing: Our Thirty Top Tips

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Content marketing is a strategic marketing method that focusses on creating and delivering valuable, consistent and relevant content that will attract and retain a well-defined audience which, in turn, should lead to profitable customer action.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘content is king’ and it really is these days. Companies are churning content out faster than Trump is banning countries from the US (too far?) and you should be doing the same. However, creating quality content and delivering it to the right audience is a lot harder than you think but we’ve got you covered. Here are our top 30 content marketing tips that will guide you through the content creation process from start to finish.

Great Content Should:

  • Answer your audience’s needs or questions. Make it about your audience not about you.
  • Focus on what you can give not what you can get. People can sense when you want something from them but when you give people something they’re more likely to respond and in a more natural way too.
  • Engage your audience - don’t focus on just selling. Obviously, you want some return on investment for creating content but when you create ‘salesy’ content it’s a turnoff for your audience.
  • Increase your marketing capabilities via other types of marketing like social media, SEO, PPC and PR. By developing a content marketing strategy you can benefit from other forms of marketing
  • Rank. SEO is an important part of any content marketing strategy. However, be careful not stuff your work with lots of different SEO strategies.
  • Explain the ‘why’. Why your business exists, what you do and who you are. This helps to make your content purposeful.


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Before You Even Get Started:

  • Create an editorial calendar so you can plan what content needs to be written and delivered when. This is also great for identifying key events which you can write content about later on in the year.
  • Understand the buying cycle. If you can understand where your customers are in the buying cycle and deliver content that answers their questions and needs in this stage, the more valuable your content will be.
  • Brainstorm ideas with colleagues or friends to get an idea of what is interesting at the moment and what is likely to gain your audience’s attention.
  • Focus on quality, not quantity. In the demanding world we live in it’s easy to feel the need to create as much content as possible but search engine algorithms rank better quality content higher
  • Aim to answer a question your audience is asking, offer specific value, provide examples or case studies, be credible and authoritative
  • Don’t even think about using click bait. It’s the worst. Just avoid using it and just be honest with your audience you’ll go a lot further if you do –but keep it interesting!


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Your Content Needs To:

  • Be the best. You want to be the best right? So make your content look that way through interesting topics, images, videos etc. be significantly better than the competition in every way you can.
  • Be emotive. If you can make your audience feel something when they read your content the more likely they are to interact with it and potentially your company
  • Be varied. Change the way you deliver content to make it more interesting. If you deliver a blog at the same time every week it gets predictable and boring. Make videos, infographics, eBooks and more to spice it up!
  • Be well written. The nifty Hemingway tool lets you read the content in a much better way by making your copy bold and clear so you can write tighter content
  • Be organised. Tools like Trello can help you keep a track of what posts are in progress, published and still to be written. There are loads of other features too!
  • Be STARIUS: Shareable, Thought provoking, Actionable, Relevant, Interactive, Useful and Snackable (easy to read)

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A Marketing Team Must:

  • Make time to create content, it really is important. B2B marketers who fall behind with their content marketing say the main reason is there isn’t “enough time devoted to content marketing.”
  • Get the leaders to listen! Marketers often feel empowered to try new things when their leaders are supportive. Time really does impact the overall content marketing success.
  • Get everyone involved. By engaging different teams within your company e.g. customer service you can really understand what your customer's pain points are



Finally, Go The Extra Mile:

  • Gain trust from your audience by building a credible and authoritative influence within your industry
  • Take the time to get to know your audience, if they respond to your content be sure to read it properly and respond accordingly. Show you’re interested in their thoughts and opinions.
  • Get a respected industry name to share your content to give your brand a vote of confidence
  • Share your own experiences. Humanising your content helps you to create relatable experiences.
  • Ask an influencer to contribute to your content this shows your connected within the industry and helps boost your expertise



These top tips should provide you with exactly what you need to know before, during and after the content writing process, they’re a guide to help you figure out the best way to write and organise your content as well as how to identify what you should be writing about and who should be involved. Now all you have to do is the hard bit -write it!  

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