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Digital marketing trends for 2013

So putting the economic, technology and digital trends together, what can you expect to see emerging from UK marketing departments in 2013? Marketing and digital specialists will be forging strategic partners ...

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Trends forecast for 2013

The New Year is here!  Here is our roundup of what the experts say you can expect once the Eggnog has run out. Economic trends The economy is going to continue to be a pivotal factor next year. According to Jo ...

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Top 9 mobile internet trends

Jason Spero, head of Americas mobile advertising at Google said last year that the mobile web was "driving a cultural change". It’s a view echoed by Dennis Woodside, chief executive officer of Motorola Mobilit ...

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Understanding your mobile audience

Mobile commerce is expected to reach $31 billion by 2016; the ubiquity of mobile phones, improvements in infrastructure and devices is fueling an annual growth rate of 39%.Smartphone usage has become an integr ...

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